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Hi. I'm Lee Just got introduced to crossfit by bill. I've noticed a lot of change all ready, more strength,endurance, and better recovery. Crossfit always seems to stick it to you on every workout,and you never know what to expect accept improvement. Forest Gump should have been a crossfiter.

Hey guys, I just wanted to say; GOOD JOB!!. I didnt really think that it was doing much besides hurting me on a daily basis, until I got home, after over 34 days on, and my wife liked what she saw. You have to have a sick mind to think all this stuff up Capt.... I like it! I look forward to all the work-outs. I have a few buds in BEU, and RRU that are gonna start pretty soon. Good job!

Just want to first off say thank you to Bill Grundler for all the time and effort he puts into this website, so all of us can use it. And in addition to that, thank you for all the support you give me in effort to make crossfit a new world of working out for me.
I am really PISSED I didn't find crossfit a long time ago. I can never imagine going to the gym and just doing a one concentrated work out for that day.
I feel as if crossfit has changed me in a lot of ways. Meaning how I feel during the day, how much energy I have, how flexible I feel. It seriously feels as if I have crossfit revolves around my life I really do not want to go a day without do the "WOD".
I now seriously feel stronger, more flexible, agile, and motivated during the day. Before doing any type of crossfit I never did any kind of leg work outs, I wasn't even able to do a squat and had no strength in that dept. I now am stronger than ever in squats and only keep climbing in strength. Shoulders were my least favorite work out, now its my favorite.
Crossfit has really opened my eyes to a whole new level of not only just working out but a great challenge in yourself at a high intensity level.
Thank you Bill.

The last couple of months doing crossfit inferno style has changed both my personal fitness and my outlook on what being "fit" really is.
All of my life I have been on the weaker end of the spectrum as far as strength/endurance goes. I have never really been competition for the others around me.
In February of 2008 I injured myself pretty badly while lifting weights. I could not feel my right arm for about a day and when the feeling came back I realized that I had lost the use of my bicep. Fast forward to early June I had regained some strength back, lost 30 lbs (mostly muscle), and was scared of lifting for the thought of losing my arm again. I had heard that Cap. Grundler had gotten into crossfit and was opening a site, but I had not really put any thought into it since I had hurt my arm. Once he told me about what crossfit was really about I started getting interested. As soon as he opened his site I started doing the workouts. Slowly I started gaining strength, gained some weight back, and reclaimed my arm. Now CrossFit has become a daily routine, I am constantly making my body my slave through it, and it IS paying off.
From just a few months doing crossfit, I have become stronger and have more endurance than I had ever thought possible. I can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life, and this is just the beginning. I am no longer one of the weak. I am no longer one of the afraid.
Thanks Cap. Grundler.

Confessions of a girl:
When my boyfriend started doing Crossfit workouts I saw a different side of him. I saw an eagerness not only to do the workouts, but to share the idea behind Crossfit with everyone around him, including me. It took some time to get "onboard". But now that I am, I feel great. I feel challenged every time I work out. I feel exhausted, and victorious for completing the WOD. What I love most about Crossfit is that each work out is scalable to my level of fitness. The trainers are great about making sure we are doing the exercises properly and that we push ourselves to give it all we have, every time. So if you are like I was, and considered walking to the mailbox your "Excersise for the day" or maybe you are a triathalete, Crossfit Inferno has something to offer you. I just want to say thanks to the entire Crossfit Inferno Staff, you guys are awesome. And the members are the best. No egos here. Just a huge support team.

I'm so excited to be a part of this.

I just had my first workout today at Crossfit Inferno. It was awesome. I never once felt unwelcome or awkward. It was a great place. The WOD was Karen, and it was tough, but I managed to get through with a decent time I felt for the first time doing it. I've been doing Crossfit in my own garage for almost a year now, but I felt it was time to get some coaching. Already I learned new things like how to do an overhead squat better. I recommend Crossfit to everyone. The people at Crossfit Inferno were great and I will be back.

I travel all over the west coast and I must say that everyone I have met here has made me feel right at home from the first time I walked in. I did a 7pm work out recently and I am pumped to do another one when I am back in town. If you want to see results it takes hard work. Crossfit teaches you how to do this without spending hours per workout. As a busy sales manager covering 4 states and 3 kids I do not have time to waste. Crossfit helps me get the results i need with out wasting time.

Thanks again!
Jason F

I can't think of ONE word to describe my experience so far at Cross fit. It has been educational, challenging,rewarding, extreme, and absolutly amazing. But, those words dont even do it justice! I am a figure competitor through NPC, and came from a traditional lifting background for about the past 6 yrs (respect it, but.. BORING). I was introduced to Crossfit by Josh, who at the time was so pumped on it, he could barely speak! Josh insisted it would change my view on fitness, as well as help my physique. This was 3 months ago, and now I am addicted. For those of you who understand "fitness" or "working out" my flexability and strength has doubled, while decreasing body fat. For those of you new to the sport or just intersted in learning, my confidence, and knowledge and has also doubled. Being a competitor it's very important to maintain lean muscle mass while having a low BF%, this is always a challenge for a competitor to keep up with cardio and strenght training, but crossfit is the perfect combination! I am so excited to start 2009 season off with Crossfit behind me! Thank you to Cesar and Bill for your patience and knowledge! And, thank you to Josh for getting me involved, you are so motivating! Everyone I have met at Crossfit is awesome. It's impossible to not feel comfortable or welcome in inferno. Thank you for this new challenge! I am stoked to be apart of your team!
Dawn "goose"

You guys weren't kidding when you said Crossfit would change my life. I have been working out with you guys for a little over three months now, I'll never go back to traditional lifting, I can't even imagine it! I have been lifting pretty consistently since high school but had not been in the gym for almost a year before I started going to Crossfit in October. I was just burnt out and tired of wasting almost two hours a day in the gym doing the same old thing and not really seeing any new results. But now I can't wait to get into the Crossfit gym! I love the variety of workouts, the intensity and the group setting. I have been pushed to work out harder than I ever have before. I have gained 10 lbs of lean muscle mass in a little over three months, and I'm totally stoked on it! I'm even starting to see those long lost abs. Another added bonus is that I seemed to have a lot of nagging little aches and pains when I used to lift in the traditional manner (almost to the point where it was too painful to lift) but now they have all but disappeared. I feel a million times better than I used to, my strength, flexibility, and endurance have all improved dramatically! I just wanted to thank Josh for running his mouth endlessly to me about Crossfit , he got me in the gym and I owe him big time for that! Thank you Bill, Cesar and Josh for putting up the gym. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, CROSSFIT KICKS FU#&*%G ASS! Its awesome to have met all the other members as well, lets keep building.


I used to work out at the gym 4 to 5 times a week doing the same old thing, lifting weights and running on the treadmill. I thought myself in pretty good shape for a middle aged man. Then about a year and a half ago I discovered Crossfit and I quickly realized that I was actually not in very good shape, but by scaling the workouts I was able to do all of the exercises. Some of the things I found that I liked about Crossfit were all of the different workouts so everyday things are changed up, now instead of spending hours in the gym I spend less than an hour and I get 100% better workout, my flexibility is better, and I no longer have some of those chronic pains we get with age.
I used to travel a couple times a year to Santa Cruz so that I could receive Crossfit coaching. Now with Crossfit Inferno I no longer have to travel to receive coaching.
The biggest thing that I have discovered at Crossfit Inferno is that by working out there not only do you get coaching but you have the fun and camaraderie of working with others. This drives your performance to whole new levels and I have met new friends with other similar interests.
Big thanks to Bill, Cesar, Josh.

Hey everyone, my name is Josh Snider I began doing crossfit workouts back in the summer of 2008. I heard of this way of life through Captain Bill Grundler. Myself and a few other guys at Sta. 64 in Pismo began taking interest in crossfit and began working out in house. It really wasn't until October when Crossfit Inferno was born and the gym opened in SLO that crossfit became an addiction. I have always been an athletic guy. I played every sport imaginable growing up and I have always loved to workout. The past few years though I would honestly have to say that I wasn't at my max potential, actually not even close! but crossfit has changed all of that. These workouts get me absolutely pumped up. They are constantly varied and will push you to your limits. I cant even begin to tell you how many times I have been gasping for air and sweating all over the floor after a workout but still smiling. I am also an extremely competitive person and crossfit brings that aspect to the table as well. All the workouts are timed and you are competing with everyone around you. The atmosphere of the gym and everyone in it just gets you jacked and the loud music just ups the amplitude even more. Plain and simple, I am in the best shape of my life right now and it is solely because of crossfit. Crossfit has become a way of life. I mean seriously there is actually an annual competition for all the crossfitters in the world!!! where else are you going to find this level of fitness and competition. Everyone get down to the gym right now and challenge me to a workout, think you're ready?

Where to begin? Crossfit is the most amazing thing ever! I couldn't imagine going back to my boring old workout routine after my experience at Crossfit Inferno.
I learned about Crossfit and its principles in March of last year. My Mother began crossfitting at a gym in my home town and she encouraged me to try and find crossfitting here on the Central Coast. I have always enjoyed running as a hobby, but I was starting to have injury after injury and I beginning to feel burnt out and discouraged with exercise in general. My Mom started to Crossfit to cross-train for triathlons, and she thought maybe I could benefit from Crossfit too!
So, I began to search for Crossfit here in San Luis Obispo. The closest things I could find was nothing compared to the Inferno! I started training with you guys back in October and I am so excited with my progress! I feel stronger and much more energetic. I have become a stronger and faster runner thanks to the Crossfit program, and I have been injury free! But its so much more than that, Crossfit has made me strong for life!
Thank you so much to Bill, Cesar, and Josh. You 3 are so wonderful and so encouraging. The Inferno is completely different from anything on the Central Coast. I am in the best shape of my life right now thanks to you 3. Thank You!!!!!
The Inferno members are amazing too! It is such a great group of people. I am always excited to go to the gym and do the daily WOD. I never used to say that about going to the gym- doing a little weight lifting and logging a few miles on the treadmill really is not that much fun.
I am completely addicted to Crossfit and can't wait to see myself improve.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Laura

As a fitness trainer and former bodybuilder, powerlifter and gymnast, I've been through hours and hours of weight training, cardio, core, aerobics, you name it, I've done it! In August '08 after sufficient recovery time from major surgery, I embarked on the "usual" workout: 30 minutes weights, 45 minutes of cycling, 3 to 4 times a week. I increased to 5 times a week and added a 30 minute jog as well. The results were good, 30 lbs lost but I was exhausted, constantly fighting injuries and had plateaued in my weight loss. I saw the Crossfit-Inferno booth at the SLO Health and Fitness Expo, talked to Josh and decided to try it the next Monday. Monday's workout was just what I needed, I was hooked! I went home and signed up online as soon as I walked in the door. I just completed my 4th week of 3 workouts a week and the measurable results are incredible! My strength has returned quicker than I've ever seen it and I have lost more inches in less time than when I was killing myself doing weights, cycling and jogging 5 days a week. I can't stop telling everyone about it. They were all joking that Crossfit was like Crack Cocaine...I just laughed. Now, I know what they mean! By the way, I'm a 47 year old female, if I can do it you can do it. I even brought my 72 year old female friend in to workout last Saturday and she LOVED it too! Thanks guys, love the workouts, the support and the team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you Bill and Caesar for coming out to the plant! We got the great workout demos that I was expecting, but a surprise as well - you were well-spoken and fluent in your knowledge and information about fitness, life and the Crossfit program. Who said athletes couldn't be brilliant, too! :)

All joking aside, your presentations were excellent, the workouts a blast, and I am so thankful that we were able to share this with the employees. I much appreciate your time and attention, and can't wait to get you guys back out there again! You both ROCK!

Laura Albers
DCPP Wellness Program Manager

I *heart* INFERNO….

Although my day job has me at a desk, my hobby of road racing street bikes keeps me motivated to stay in shape.
My hobby of racing has also resulted in some gnarly injuries! Most notably, a single crash that broke my collarbone, 4 ribs in six places, cracked my shoulder blade, and popped a hole in my lung.
Due to the plethora of broken bones in the upper left quadrant of my body, they did not plate my collar bone, which to this day (6 years later) still finds the bone ends 2 inches apart.
I have not felt the need to plate it as long as my upper body regimen keeps the surrounding muscles strong, however, there are several upper body moves that I cannot do, or I'm fairly limited in doing…. At least I thought so until I joined Cross Fit at Inferno.

Inferno has been the kick in the butt my workouts have craved! Thanks to the perceived competition (it's as competitive as you wish to make it), the high positive energy of Bill, Caesar, and Josh, and the ever challenging WODs, I have noticed *marked* improvement in my fitness in just the 3 weeks I've been attending.
This was most notable during one of my races, when it was about 100 degrees outside, my engine was running around 230 deg F, and my leather suit was filling with sweat as I navigated the 20 grueling laps around the 2 mile, high speed, physically demanding road course at Buttonwillow Raceway. My physical and mental strength was enough to take a 5th place, run consistent lap times, and finish strong.

The most notable thing that Cross Fit has helped me with was not physical – it was mental. The mental drive to keep going despite being tired… the mental discipline to stay relaxed despite your mind wanting to fill you with the anxiety that you just want to quit because it's too hard.

Cross Fit is a major part of my training, which includes yoga (crash injury prevention) and cycling. Cross Fit has strengthened my legs so much that my average mile per hour on my bicycle has increased by almost one full mph – and that's after less than a month of Cross Fit!

Although I have my seemingly non-existent left collarbone, the Cross Fit regimen has helped to increase this weak left side significantly. I enjoy learning these advanced lifting techniques, and challenging myself with each workout!
The energy in the gym keeps me coming back… although the workouts can be done on your own, working out at Inferno is like working out with your team.

Thank you Dawn for getting me started on this!!! Thanks to Bill, Caesar, and Josh for making Inferno an absolute BLAST! Thanks to all my new Cross Fit friends for welcoming the new girl =)

-Krystyna Kubran
WERA West #352
2006 Yamaha R1

Bill, Cesar, and Josh all deserve a pat on the back, a round of applause all of the above! If you are reading the testimonials, then please READ this: Cross Fit INFERNO is so lucky to have these 3 guys leading us as a team. I just came back from my level 1 Certification and I am so thankful that we had the training from these guys before hand. I never thought I would be taking a cert class, I started Cross Fit because Josh L talked me into it... so I mention above in my other testimonial as a person new to Cross Fit the gains I saw from participating, but now I am speaking from someone who took it the next level, to be a trainer/coach! It was so obvious that Laura W and myself were far more prepared to handle this cert than a lot of other people who attended the class this weekend! I felt so proud to represent the Inferno because they truly are the most passionate people I have met about this sport. They want you to learn the techniques and really understand what you are doing as you are doing it, they truly care about us as people and as a team and that was so clear to us this weekend! We could answer questions, we participated in being crituqued, but mainly we stood out. Not to be cocky, but seriously we stood out because we were prepared and because we were lucky enough to have coach's like Bill, Cesar and Josh! I think some of us that are getting better at Cross fit work in the "inderno" world which is great, but there is such a bigger side to Cross Fit. I was intimidated at first to go to the class, but realized I was far more prepared for the weekend than most! I am saying all this because if you are new to Inferno and reading this then know that we may be small, but the LOVE is LARGE, and the PASSION is ridiculous, and you will learn so much from this group of coach's and consider yourself lucky to be have this gym. If you have been with Inferno for any length of time, I am here to let you know we have some of the best coach's around! That wasnt truly apparent until this weekend. Be proud and feel lucky to work with these awesome guys everyday! PS Laura and I made our Best FRAN times this weekend, with a 70# class participant! Neither of us could find a timer when we finished exactly but at the RX weight of 65, Laura W; 5:33, and Dawn 5:58!! Rock on INFERNO! and Thanks, seriously... Thank you a million times for being awesome coaches and mentors! Bill, Cesar, Josh and Craig for helping the past few weeks! You are all appreciated more than you know!

Hey, I just went in for my first cross fit workout at the Crossfit Inferno gym yesterday and it was awesome. Josh was super helpfull demonstrating techniques and helping me with my form. I cant wait to get in and meet the rest of the trainers. It was my first time doin crossfit in a while and after that workout I am way stoked to get back in the gym and thrash. CJ

I'm not a gym person, but enjoy working out outdoors. I was in an accident in which my kneecap was popped out of place, so I wasn't able to run more than three miles or do much on my knee. Before I started going to Cross fit, I was doing Yoga and my own outdoor activities, as well as seeing my doctor (feldenkrais practice, not your average Dr.) every 2 weeks to pop my knee back into place. I've been at Cross fit for a month now, went back to my doctor yesterday after not having had an appointment for a month, and no longer have to visit him. He says my knee works! Thanks to Cross Fit building the muscle I lacked that kept my knee in place! So, overall, not only do I enjoy going to Cross Fit, but it fixed my knee problems! Thanks!

Howdy Crossfitters,
Been with Crossfit Inferno for about 2.25 months. Lost 20 lbs, way more endurance, exciting/short/efficiant workouts. Supportive and encouraging group of athletes to work out with. Thanks Crossfit Inferno...

Shawn H.

Yesterday I introduced Crossfit to all of the closest people in my life. It was the Fight Gone Bad Benefit Workout. The day I have been looking forward to for sometime now. A day I waited for to show all my friends and family how important and how far I have come with crossfit. My first day of trying crossfit was on July 8th of this year, I have not even been a member for three months yet; however I can not express enough how much crossfit has truly impacted my life. I often find myself so excited and full of a million emotions that I don’t even know how to logically explain how it has changed my life other than screaming out, “I LOVE IT, IT CHANGED MY LIFE!!!” I find myself getting better at explaining the details of how it has improved my life, however I do believe I struggled with expressing myself in detail at first because it turned my life around in so many more ways than one so fast, that it became overwhelming to even begin to understand how something can change your life in so many ways. Ill start by saying that the members, trainers, and owners of Crossfit Inferno make crossfit what it is a welcoming, comforting experience. Secondly, fitness and nutrition is an obvious. However, the LEVEL of improvements in such a short period of time that I made in my fitness, strength, and nutrition is what blew my mind. I have always been an active individual. I swam competitively at a very young age and played water polo. When I moved to SLO I joined Kennedy Club Fitness and paid for a trainer to teach me some new things to switch my workout routines up. I wanted a change, a big change. I got an amazing trainer at Kennedy, he really taught me a lot and made me fall in love with fitness that much more, however I only received 12 one hour sessions with him for over $800 on top of my yearly membership price of $600 dollars. After I completed the 12 sessions I surely did improve, however I was struggling to keep myself motivated once I was on my own. I was getting bored with the workout that I had improved on and did not know how to move to the next step. Right about the time I was searching for something new I met Josh Lorenzo, he was just s excited as I find myself now and could barely explain it all to me other than, “I PROMISE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” So I did not know what to think other than, what will I lose by giving it a shot? So the next day I went in to the gym, completed a workout and was addicted! I had to leave town for a week and I would wake up in the middle of the night to do sit ups and push ups because I could not stop thinking about it! I started attending crossfit 4-5 days a week as soon as I got back form my trip. In one month I dropped my pant size from a 9 to a 7. It blew my mind! I found myself not having the urge to splurge when I would go out to eat. I just felt better eating healthy; I craved to only eat healthy. I started logging my workouts in the journals and noticed how much strength I was gaining as well as improving my times. I was nearly doubling in my strength. For example, when I began in July I was struggling with pull ups on the green band (most resistance) now I can do pull ups with no band. I am all in now!!! I have set a goal for myself to next year try and compete in the games. I want start my own Crossfit for kids and find myself thinking of crossfit nearly 24/7 that I am always thinking of new ideas to make crossfit that much more powerful! So if this testimonial doesn’t prove to you that crossfit can change your life than I don’t know what will. But If you read this and found your jaw dropping or got chills thinking that you can be there than I would suggest you come give it a shot too! I PROMISE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

My husband and I joined cross fit three weeks ago. After our first workout I thought to myself "there is no way I am going to be able to keep up with these people". Well I love a challenge and that is what Cross Fit does for you. You are forced to compete with yourself every time you show up and push yourself to a new level and it is so invigorating!

Not only have we found something really healthy to do together as a couple, but we have seen amazing results in such a short time. We are addicted already! Everyone you meet there is there for the same reason so the people are helpful, motivating and really supportive.

We wish we could change our schedules to be there more often! Looking forward to whipping out a few handstand pushups and some unassisted pullups in the next six months!! Yeah me!!

I can say with all honesty that Crossfit Inferno has done for me what a trainer of 2 year couldn't.

Yup, I had a personal trainer for the better part of 2 years, from
2006-2008. And while the workouts were intense, they were not "functional". Since 2008 I have ben flying solo in the gym.

The first time I went to the Inferno I was told that it was addictive, which I didn't believe. I knew it would be intense but I didn't think it would do for me what isolation movements etc. would (I was oblivious to the 'functional' aspect of fitness).

So, I told myself I would supplement my gym routine with this a day or 2 a week. That was before my first free session. I remember it vividly; 4 rounds of 15 Dead lifts and 15 pull-ups for time.

Never had I been so spent in such a short amount of time.

After that session, I canceled my gym membership and never looked back! I've been an infernite ever since and am loving every minuted of it.

This program is so unique yet the movements are so fundamental to your every day life. I love the team atmosphere and the competitiveness, both with others and myself. That aspect really helps me push harder than I had ever done in the gym.

I love it and I will sing it's praises to anyone with an open ear.

Keep up the good work.

crossfit is so addictive. it's no wonder the first one is free :)

after just a couple of months with the inferno gym, i think i can safely say i'm done with faking it at the average gyms. nothing compares to the varied workouts and complex movements at crossfit.

things were pretty rough when i started, and while i still have a long way to (that muscle-up will be mine), my overall fitness has increased drastically. my desk job keeps my butt in a chair for most all of the day, but because of crossfit i'm walking taller and no longer slouch in my chair. those little aches and pains are gone (replaced with sore muscles, but damn they hurt so good :) ).

i've done other workouts in the past that push you hard, but nothing has ever given anything close the the functional strength crossfit has brought to my everyday life. i'm not one to pimp stuff that often, but i just can't shut-up about crossfit inferno. on top of it all, the people there are so cool. there aren't enough good things to say. i'm officially hooked. i get withdrawals. honest.

thank you so much to the coaches and to the rest of you that make it supportive with just enough of that friendly competition tossed in.

I started doing Crossfit a little over 7 weeks ago and I can't believe the dramatic change in me. I was very dedicated to working out my entire life until I opened a restaurant. Becoming a chef put a lot of weight on me and as of four years ago I pretty much reached my max. I was determined to drop the weight and was doing it gradually, but when I heard about Crossfit, I thought, that's for me.

I had tried a bit to workout a few times in the past four years, but I only injured myself because I didn't understand that I couldn't do what I used to. Now I am injury free and I feel great. Bill and the instructors are wonderful and they really teach you how to do the moves correctly. And many times in my past I would have to change my workout routine because it became boring and, well, routine. There is nothing boring or routine about Crossfit.

I am also older than probably everyone else that I work out with, but no one treats me that way. Everyone is unbelievably supportive.

Before discovering Crossfit Inferno, I has almost resigned myself to believing that I was never going to be what I was -- that those days were over. But now I know that I'm going to get pretty damn close.

I have a ways to go but I am on my way, thanks to Crossfit and Bill and the team at Crossfit Inferno.

Crossfit Inferno is new for me

IT'S TRUE: crossfit will change your life for the better, even if you're not looking for a change!
I was that girl who wanted to be physically strong, but didn't want to look like a muscle-builder. I could never seem to keep my motivation up long enough to make any physical progress, and figured I was just 'not naturally born' a superathlete body started to tighten up within a month of joining the Inferno, and I can now lift more weight than many guys I know.
I wanted to work hard if it was worth it but wanted to have some fun too, and dreamed of a comfortable environment in which to workout where people weren't judging me based on how many minutes I did on the elliptical machine...In crossfit the only one who judges you, is yourself. The environment is so positive and the people are there to support you, they are your team, they're pushing you when you need it, and letting you do your own thing if it's been a long day and your pissed off.
I used to dread 'workout time' because it was SOOO boring and never seemed to make a it is literally my adult reccess. You feel amazing after the wrkouts. The personal progress is literally limitless and with dedication, results start to appear before your eyes!
And it's not just Crossfit, but the Inferno itself. Each class is like having a personal trainer by your side to remind you to 'arch your back', or 'stay on your heels' to help prevent injury and help you improve. You will see a whole new competitive side of yourself come out, making you work that much harder to get you to do things you may NEVER have thought you could do (i.e. pull ups!) Everyone starts at their own level and works at their own pace. I'm not saying it's easy, but it is effective. You will work hard/be humbled/sweat/bleed/cry/laugh/and be amazed by what you find here. Before you know it you will be trying to get everyone you know to join. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS SHOW UP!

December marks a YEAR that I've been doing Crossfit, I can honestly say that it's the best thing that I've done for my fitness ever! I feel better than I probably have in 10 years. In the last year I've gotten stronger, lost about 20 lbs, my clothes fit better, my knees no longer hurt, and I can go faster, longer on the dirt bike.
In the past I was probably just like everyone else, get a gym membership, go for a few months, see no improvement and quit. CF isn't like normal gyms, the workouts are quick, hard, and different everyday. There is no chance to get bored and the team atmosphere is very motivational.
My family, friends, and coworkers are probably all tired of hearing my talk about how great CF is. I just want them to experience the all around increase in the quality of life that CF can give you.
Just show up, and don't be afraid of all the young kids (I'm 49). The trainers will take great care of you, and the workout will be scaled to your ability. Give it a few months, you'll see progress, and you too will be hooked.

I have been working out at Northern Inferno for just over two months and am seeing great results. Even more exciting is that family/friends are seeing them too. But the most exciting is that my wife and two kids are working out now. My 10 y/o son has become obsessed with it he is even attending the adult classes and doing scaled workouts and his self confedence is skyrocketing. I can't wait for football to start so he can really show off his hard work.

Jarl Nerdrum

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